The Spark that Ignites Innovation

Picture a place full of creativity. Did you imagine an office building? Most people don’t usually think of creativity in business, but it is actually the starting point for innovation and progress.

Throughout history, numerous inventors have been told that their “crazy ideas” would never work, and the ones who ignored the skeptics and combined persistence with their creativity are the ones who went on to build great things. As a growing software development firm and IT services provider, we at Rivera Group define creativity as the process of continuously challenging the way we solve problems, and like the great inventors, we believe in persistence, even in the face of ridicule and misunderstanding. Creativity is so elemental to what we do that we have made it one of our CORE4 corporate values.

Leave Flying to the Birds

Although flying had always a been dream for the human race, it wasn’t until two brothers paired their creativity with determination that it became a possibility.

Orville and Wilbur Wright had a creative spark that was inspired by their observations. They set out to develop the first angled wings that would provide balance and control to allow an object heavier than air to fly.

Working out of their bicycle shop, the Wright brothers built several failed versions. Journalists, military specialists and many of their friends and family laughed at the Wright brother’s attempts at flight. Even Wilbur Wright noted, “Man will not fly for 50 years.”

For each effort at flight, the Wright brothers were risking their lives going up in a machine that might not work. Nevertheless, they let nothing stop them from making their “ridiculous” idea work.

The Wright Brother's Glider

After just two years, they finally created an ingenious engineering formula that let them take off into the sky and propel society into a future of flight.

Although people told them it was impossible, the brothers didn’t let this slow them down. Their creativity and resolve guided their innovation which led to an invention that would change the world.

It Just Can’t Be Done

For years, organizations have struggled to keep up with the rapid rate of change in the business and technology world. These attempts often leave IT administrators with a patchwork quilt of hardware, software, and business processes to maintain and protect.

In a world where the norm is to react to outages and attacks after they’ve occurred, one innovator envisioned a tool that could get out in front of a potential problem and alert administrators of the conditions that leave IT systems vulnerable to crashes and threats.

Dr. Joey Rivera, the CEO of Rivera Group, developed EAGLE6 to enable organizations to be proactive, rather than reactive, in preventing unwanted states within the IT systems they manage. As he developed his ideas for just such a tool, he was able to prove “on paper” that EAGLE6 would do what he envisioned, but many “experts” said the process was too complicated, that it just couldn’t be done. Undeterred, Joey continued to work to make the impossible possible.

As with all new ideas, EAGLE6 has overcome many challenges during its journey from idea to concept to the many iterations that have ultimately led to where the tool is today, being adopted by the U.S. military to support specific IT challenges.

Once Joey proved to himself that EAGLE6 could work, he summoned great feats of creative problem solving to prove that EAGLE6 would work, and when the skeptics expressed their doubts, he refused to fold. Instead, he persisted in pushing ahead, convinced of the power of EAGLE6 to deliver on his vision.

Igniting Innovation

Creativity is everywhere. In business, it is used to innovate new products and solve problems. As a software development company, creativity is the base of our success, and our CORE4 values guide our work in building great things.

Want to learn how creativity can improve your business? Take a look at our work or leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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