Rivera Group is the exclusive provider of EAGLE6 Software, an innovative cyber intelligence platform designed for enterprise visualization and management. It provides actionable analytics and a comprehensive view of how enterprise systems – composed of hardware, software, people, processes, and business plans – are interdependent to meet mission objectives, adapt to change, and secure critical information in near-real-time.

Advanced intelligence platform to simplify your enterprise.

EAGLE6 closes security gaps and delivers a complete and interactive view of your enterprise, its behavior, and advanced analyses to simplify the enterprise. Organizations that use EAGLE6 are enabled to make quick, data-driven decisions and take control of change.


EAGLE6 automatically eliminates blind spots and delivers a comprehensive, interactive, and up-to-date view of your entire IT architecture.


Identify anomalous behaviors, predict insider threats, and locate all vulnerabilities before they cause harm to your mission or enterprise.


Achieve mission objectives by making data-driven decisions based on advanced analyses and complete enterprise situational awareness.


Gain in-depth insight and understanding with advanced analyses presented in customizable, easy-to-read dashboards.


Automate documentation, compliance reporting, and access controls in near-real-time to ensure accuracy, time efficiency, and quality.


Simulate changes and ask complex questions of your enterprise to gain a complete understanding of impact and risk to find the best way forward.

Visualize Your Entire Enterprise

EAGLE6 models your entire IT architecture within minutes and connects this model to people, processes, strategic plans, and projects to provide complete and interactive enterprise situational awareness.

Build a complete digital twin

Within minutes, EAGLE6 generates a comprehensive and interactive model of your IT architecture, including undocumented IT assets and data sharing dependencies.

Ingest data

EAGLE6 ingests numerous types of data, including log files, project files, and source code, to build an accurate model of your enterprise.

Identify sensitive data

Locate each instance of PII, PCI, PHI, and other sensitive information. Identify data sharing dependencies to determine the use of this information between enterprise assets. EAGLE6 does not ingest sensitive data – just the data structure to build a complete model.

Connect people, processes, projects, strategic plans, and IT assets

Connect your IT map to employees, processes, strategic plans, and projects for a complete view of your enterprise and its behavior.

Monitor behavior patterns

Track behavior patterns in each component of the enterprise. Analyze and store this information for historical reports.

Establish normal behavior

Establish a normal behavior pattern for each component of the enterprise to analyze performance and predict and identify anomalies.

Understand Your Enterprise Behavior

EAGLE6 analyzes each line of code and monitors the behavior of the entire enterprise to provide in-depth knowledge of what the enterprise looks like, how each component interacts, and how everything behaves.

Identify vulnerabilities and violations

Automatically pinpoint vulnerabilities and violations during data ingestion.

Perform detailed impact analysis

See the potential financial, geographical, operational, technical, and mission impact of planned and unplanned change within the enterprise.

Detect anomalous behavior

Use machine learning to identify and monitor trends and recognize anomalies, or deviation trends, before they become threats.

Monitor asset utilization

Determine overutilized and underutilized assets and resources to increase efficiency.

Produce trace generation

Generate path analysis to find all possible access points to vital systems and IT assets, securing your sensitive data.

Gain business intelligence

See historical, current, and predictive views and analysis of your entire enterprise to make data-driven decisions.

Gain Complete Enterprise Control

EAGLE6 not only delivers advanced enterprise visibility and analysis, but it allows organizations to automate many error-prone processes, simulate changes, and make data-driven decisions.

Track and remediate vulnerabilities

Track and monitor the remediation of vulnerabilities and violations with automated reporting of vulnerabilities resolved and new vulnerabilities created.

Manage enterprise risk

Gain detailed risk assessments with a risk quality score and perform risk modeling to run scenarios and flag issues before implementation.

Automate documentation and reporting

Download or create templates and generate up-to-date documentation and reports at the touch of a button.

Implement automated access controls

Connect your access controls to your employee positions and automate permissions by simply updating your organizational chart.

Simulate Changes

Test changes in a safe environment and get an in-depth, predictive impact and risk analysis report for the complete understanding of potential change.

Query the enterprise

Ask complex questions or “what if” scenarios of the enterprise to gain specific knowledge of events, components, or behaviors.

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