Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is the design, development, and management of complex systems of software. The systems engineering process starts by defining customer needs and functionality, then creating a holistic design to ensure the customer’s needs are satisfied in a high quality, reliable, and cost-efficient manner throughout a system’s entire life cycle.

Rivera Group helps our clients develop and maintain secure systems and systems operations by providing expertise in systems engineering. Our engineers deliver the following services:

  • Manage and monitor the infrastructure and installed systems
  • Install and configure systems
  • Plan and develop customized systems 
  • Perform systems administration
  • Provide configuration management
  • Maintain infrastructure availability
  • Monitor and test application performance
  • Manage security and backups
  • Test systems and perform quality assurance testing

We help organizations plan and adapt to complex business requirements while maintaining a stable, secure and manageable operating environment. When developing a solution, we consider the affected enterprise systems along with the people, processes, and technology. We define functional requirements, document processes and interrelationships, and design solutions that are efficient and cost-effective.

Over 25% of our staff has an active security clearance and deep expertise working on sensitive projects for government agencies. This experience enables our company to take on a broad range of engineering tasks on both classified and unclassified systems.

Our Systems Engineering Experience
Learn how Rivera Group developed FISMA compliant databases for USAID. Learn More >


Tools and Techniques

Rivera Group uses the latest systems engineering tools and methodologies to optimize the development and maintenance of critical systems. 

Our team is experienced in many engineering processes including agile engineering, scrum development, and waterfall development. In agile, we bring an incremental, iterative approach to the system development process by working in sprint cycles. This allows our team to perform quality testing throughout the entire development process.

Our engineers also use the scrum development framework, which is similar to agile engineering. Our team divides the project into tasks and works in timeboxed sprint cycles. Using scrum provides us with the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements during the system development process.

In addition, our team has experience working with the waterfall methodology. During this type of process, our engineers work in a sequential development approach compared to an iterative process. Waterfall methodology is useful in certain legacy environments which have a very rigid set of requirements.

Rivera Group’s systems engineers leverage the latest technologies to meet our client’s needs. We deliver expertise in the following tools:

  • JIRA. Our team uses this tool to track issues and bugs during the systems development process. With this software, we also send updated reports to our clients on the status of the project. This allows us to deliver high-quality products to satisfy our customer’s quickly and accurately.
  • ArcGIS. We use ArcGIS to gather and record geographic information, create and use maps, and analyze geographic information. 
  • CORE. We use CORE to model system architecture prior to development, which allows us to integrate requirements, identify system functionality, simulate system performance, and trace system architecture from system to component levels.


Rivera Group’s systems engineers are dedicated to solving our client’s most challenging IT infrastructure needs while providing the following benefits:

  • Qualified and experienced engineers drive performance up and cost down
  • Proficiency in emerging technologies lower risk with system migrations
  • Cleared resources available to support classified systems from day one

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