Rivera Group Enhances Monitoring Software for Rapid Installation

The Challenge

Our client is an university-affiliated research center and is an independent, nonprofit organization who conducts essential research, development, analysis, and systems engineering to solve critical challenges in support of the complex security needs our nation. 

This client required an experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified staff to support the delivery of new technologies to the federal government. Rivera Group is a technology transition partner, providing top-notch training, integration, and sustainment of our client's developed technologies in operational environments.

The client was experiencing delays in projects due to limited available staff and needed a partner who could respond to requirements quickly, with a highly qualified and cleared staff. They also needed technical support in the following roles to assist them with research and development projects for the federal government:

  • Software Engineers
  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Cybersecurity Engineers
  • Other Technical Specialties

For one specific project, our client needed to develop an easy-to-use software program to monitor U.S. Military cyber ranges. The university developed the software, but they were having issues installing and deploying it in an efficient and timely manner.

Software deployment for the cyber range monitoring program took multiple engineers an entire day or more just to install the software in a single cyber range environment. This created major deployment delays for the customer, which caused mission-critical monitoring to be behind schedule.


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The Solution

To accelerate deployment time, Rivera Group's team first implemented an intuitive graphical user interface to the university developed software. This allowed the client's engineers to quickly set up the program as needed. Our team of engineers also added coding enhancements and modified the developed software to automate many error-prone, time-consuming processes. This provided the ability for the program to install itself across a cyber range environment without the assistance of university engineers.

The Results

With Rivera Group's improvements to the software, the program deployment time decreased from one to two days to less than five minutes. It also removed the requirement of personnel to assist in the installation. This allowed the client to meet their deployment schedule and provide customers with mission-critical monitoring software in a timely fashion.

By providing highly skilled professionals with specialized technical expertise, Rivera Group delivered the university the ability to meet their staffing demands to support the delivery of new technologies to the federal agencies efficiently and effectively.

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