Rivera Group Redesigns GoArmy.com for AMRG

The Challenge

The U.S. Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) required a more robust, content rich and easy to navigate GoArmy.com website, as well as social media platforms and multimedia marketing tools that would allow the Army to achieve its objectives of being more relevant and engaging. This meant finding a contractor able to develop an innovative solution based on demonstrable past successes that were acceptably priced. 


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The Solution

Rivera Group was awarded the contract and charged with the following:

  • GoArmy.com website development and maintenance
  • Application development
  • Graphic Design
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Social media development
  • Multimedia web development

Rivera Group's team of software developers and media specialists re-designed the GoArmy.com website, which included the ongoing maintenance and updating of web pages and social media widgets required to engage the Army's target audience. In addition to that, we provided web support, with our software developers and systems administrators responding to technical support requests and monitoring message boards for recurring issues among users. Our Senior Software Developer lead teams that covered the full web development lifecycle, from requirements and development to implementation and maintenance.

Rivera Group worked closely with AMRG's Creative Marketing Services team, performing tasks that ranged from typical advertising and marketing creative work to graphic design and interactive multimedia design and implementation for GoArmy.com. 

  • Our technical writers research, produce and edit content for all AMRG web initiatives. 
  • Our videographers create multimedia projects for GoArmy.com that includes production and editing as well as that adaptation of video content for Section 508 compliance. 
  • Our Web Designers and Graphics Specialists design images and graphic content, create web page layouts and produce PR materials that meet the Army's branding standards. 

Rivera Group's Web Marketing Manager and Web Content Administrator managed the Army's social media platforms and developed content that integrated with the GoArmy.com website and spread to each appropriate social channel. Because of the rapidly evolving nature of social media, this required our staff to stay up-to-the-moment on the latest trends and practices to ensure success.


Today, GoArmy.com and its corresponding social media accounts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter are dynamically engaging sites where prospective recruits and active military alike can find engaging, relevant content, and Rivera Group's performance assessments on the AMRG contract have been consistently rated as Exceptional. 

'Rivera Group was responsive to the government while maintaining a professional manner,' said one assessor. 'The AMRG staff that worked daily with the Rivera's programming technicians consistently reported of the reliable work contractors were performing.'

Other comments included the following:

  • Quality: 'consistently meets the quality of service objectives and shows the required flexibility to be successful in the changing marketing and advertising digital environment.' 
  • Schedule: 'By meeting the milestones identified in the process, the contractor is successful in meeting production timelines as well as submitting their expenditure reports to the budget office in a timely manner.'
  • Management: 'Rivera Group's management team consistently ensures that GoArmy.com is properly maintained…leadership has a strong understanding of the requirements and Army's standards… works effectively with the subordinating commands which demonstrates effective business relations… the leadership team has demonstrated the ability to be timely with their delivering of services and products.' 

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